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D.D.S. ph.D


M.Chinese Prosthodontic Society
M.Chinese TMD and occlusion Society
M.Chinese Medical Cosmetology Association
M.International Association for Dental Research

lDoctor of Prosthodontics of School of Stomatology of Peking University 
lMember of Chinese Prosthodontic Society
lMember of Chinese TMD and Occlusion Society
lMember of Chinese Medical Cosmetology Association
lMember of International Association for Dental Research
lStudied in College of Dentistry of University of Toronto
lDoctor Cao has been engaging in teeth restoration work for many years, she specializes in aesthetic restoration, including porcelain veneers and crowns, porcelain bridge as well as implant restoration.
lDoctor Cao is also an expert of temporal-mandibular joint disease (TMD), she has abundant clinical experience of occlusion related issues.
lDoctor Cao is kind and well liked by her patients. She is also comfortable relating to patients in both English and Chinese.